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I created a web service (currentTime) using gsoap by following the tutorial given at the official documentation (http://www.cs.fsu.edu/~engelen/soap.html)

Here are the codes

// File: currentTime.h 
//gsoap ns service name: currentTime 
//gsoap ns service namespace: urn:currentTime 
//gsoap ns service location: 
int ns__currentTime(time_t& response);

// File: currentTime.cpp 
#include "soapH.h" // include the generated declarations 
#include "currentTime.nsmap" // include the XML namespace mappings 
int main() 
   // create soap context and serve one CGI-based request: 
   return soap_serve(soap_new()); 
int ns__currentTime(struct soap *soap, time_t& response) 
   response = time(0); 
   return SOAP_OK; 

I have generated a cgi file. According to the tutorial to start the service I need to copy the file to bin-cgi directory which I did. But when I try to access the service from some other machine (win7--32 bit) the following error shows up

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused.
Detail : connect failed in tcp_connect()
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