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I have a simple WSDL for a webservice. With wsimport I generated the java wrappers. And I have implemented the generated interface in a class "MyService". Then I publish this webservice with the built-in features of Java6:

MyService myService = new MyService();
Endpoint endpoint = Endpoint.publish("http://localhost:80/servicetest/services/MyServiceINSoap", myService);

When I let this code run, everything works perfect - I am able to connect to the service with a soapclient and can execute the methods.

Now I want the built-in webserver of the javavm to use basic authentication - so the client has to provide an userid and a password. How do I accomplish this? Is this possible? Or do I need an application server (tomcat, jboss, whatever...)?

I have searched for some time but only found solutions for webservice which are hosted in an application server.

Many thanks in advance!


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When you say "basic authentication", are you referring to the HTTP BASIC auth type that's defined in web.xml, or basic as in simple username/password pair? – kolossus Jun 27 '14 at 15:18
HTTP BASIC auth. An I use the built-in webserver of the jre - therefore no web.xml. however I found this site:… answers my question and it works. – erwrock Jul 1 '14 at 10:55
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Found a solution here:

after hours of trial-and-error finally the right searchwords in google :)

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