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Is it possible to nest simple programs within a Google doc spreadsheet, similar to how you would w/Basic in Excel? Or alternatively a simple = syntax using regex, if there is a way to do that in google docs?

I want to take a list of multiple names(name1, name2, name3) in a single cell from across multiple identical sheets and transpose them to another sheet within the same spreadsheet, check for duplicates and ignore capitals, etc. Is there a way to do this?

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You are asking for an easy answer to a composite problem. To solve this, I would split the job into separate chunks:

  1. Split the input cell content into different cells. As it is unclear how this format is, I cannot advice on any specific method. Check out ImportRange function or similar.
  2. Transpose them. use =TRANSPOSE(area)
  3. Remova duplicates, use =UNIQUE(area)

Check the Google Spreadsheet function list for details.

Nest them: =UNIQUE(TRANSPOSE(A1:C15)).

LOWER cannot be used in this nest as it works with only text input, not array input. Although you can use it for the first input cell.

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This gave a good practical response to a rather vague question, thanks. – Daniel Harvey Mar 18 '10 at 7:09

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