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I'm trying to create a method that will sum two timeO objects and return a new TimeO object called sum. Here is the relevant code snippet:

public static TimeO add (TimeO t1, TimeO t2) 
        TimeO sum = new TimeO ;



When i try to compile it i get this error message: '(' or '[' expected
                TimeO sum = new TimeO ;
1 error

i cant think of any reason why it would want me to open a set of parenthasies or brackets here but its possible that i dont' quite understand the syntax. Whats going wrong here?

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The syntax for calling a constructor is:

new TypeName(arguments)

So if you want to call a parameterless constructor, you should use:

TimeO sum = new TimeO();

Think of a constructor call (which is the way you create a new object) as being like a special kind of method call.

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