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I have just inherited a PHP website to look after.

PHP installed and all of the cgi bits done (5.3.0)

I have it setup in IIS 6 on a Server 2003 machine (internal only)

Using MYSQL for backend. (5.1.33)

The main website displays fine.

There is an admin page for users to edit site content (http://url.com/admin) that i can log into fine - so i know the connection to the DB is good.

However inside the admin page i am not able to create anything or edit anything thats already there (ie, blogs, news etc etc)

When i click the edit icon say next to the blog section i just get a blank white page in Firefox and 500 Error in IE

I have checked through the DB connection strings in the relevant PHP files ans they seem correct.

Where to look next - been on this all morning, and my knowledge of PHP you could write on a postage stamp.


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