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I have 3 backend mysql servers which are to be connected through mysql proxy.And I am working on redirecting a client to particular server based on the user name given.For example, when the username is u1 server s1 has to be selected as backend,usename u2 to server s2 and so on.

But what i find is that the username is accessible only in the read_auth() function and cannot be accessed in the connect_server() function in which the backend server selection is made i.e,by the time we recieve the authentication details ,the server selection has already been made.

As per mysql network protocol the functions execute in the order as follows

  1. connect_sever()
  2. read_handshake()
  3. read_auth()
  4. read_authresult()
  5. read_query()
  6. read_queryresult()
  7. disconnect_client()

Can anyone give me some suggestions?

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