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object Futures4 extends App {

  // get an array of all files in a directory tree
  def recursiveListFiles(f: File): Array[File] = {
    val these = f.listFiles
    these ++ these.filter(_.isDirectory).flatMap(recursiveListFiles)

  val files = recursiveListFiles(new java.io.File("path"))

  // convert to a list of full file paths
  val fileNames = files.toList map (_.getAbsolutePath)

  val n: Int = fileNames.length

  val futures = for {
    i <- 0 to n-1
  } yield future { line_num(i) }

  // read a file by line
  def line_num(i: Int) : Int = 
      line <- Source.fromFile(fileNames(i)).getLines    
      //here i am getting multiple errors saying type mismatch

    }yield line.length 

  val sumF = Future.fold(futures)(0)(_ + _)
  val sum = Await.result(sumF, 2 seconds)

I want to calculate the number of lines in all the files present. I am new to Scala programming so any help would be appreciated! I am getting multiple errors at one step that I have mentioned as comment. Thanks

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line_num(i) returns the number of lines in the file i. So you can write it:

def line_num(i: Int) : Int = {

In your original function, you return a Seq(Int) which is the sequence of the length of each line in the file, which does not correspond to the expected return type.

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Thanks alot! That did remove my error. But when I try to run it, I get "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException" error. Is it maybe because my path is not correct or some other reason? –  user2568142 Jun 26 at 12:31
Probably not. Check the line throwing the error and check that your objects are properly instanciated. –  Jean Logeart Jun 26 at 14:30

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