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I want to use the first mousewheel event when the user scrolls to perform an animation based on whether the user scrolls upward or downward. Currently I'm using setTimeout like this ( I'm using a plugin jquery.mousewheel.js )

$(window).mousewheel(function(event, delta, deltaX, deltaY){
    animating = true;
    /*animate according to sign of delta over here*/
    setTimeout(function() {animating=false;}, 1500);

This is working, but I also want that if the user scrolls again in-between before the timeout I want to identify that and and animate according to the new delta value. Is it possible programmatically or is there (any other) plugin that will allow me to do this.

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y you are using jquery you can use jquery.one –  Dayan Moreno Leon Jun 26 at 12:19
i don't want the first one for the lifetime of the page, just once everytime the user scrolls and ignore the events that fire after that till the user scrolls again, how can i do that? –  user1887239 Jun 26 at 12:42
heres the plugin: link –  user1887239 Jun 26 at 12:43
If it's working now, remove the timeout? –  Joe Swindell Jun 26 at 12:59

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