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I just recently went through the process of "downgrading" from OS X Yosemite back to Mavericks. I backed everything up on my external HDD and started the process. I had to do an internet recovery which installed OS X Mountain Lion because that is what originally came with the Mac. Then, went and updated to Mavericks though the App Store just like Apple recommends.

When Mountain Lion was first installed, I thankfully pulled the most important folder and put it on my desktop. But, now that Mavericks is installed my external HDD is now saying it's in a Logical Volume Group and I can't access any of the data, or don't know how at least.

It's a 1 Tb HDD and it now says there is only 16.8 Mb free, when I only had about 150 Gigs being used.

How can I go about getting my files off this HDD?!

Thank you!

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