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There is an array like this:

a = [1,2,3,4]

I want to get the return values of size and sum like this.

size = a.size
sum = a.sum

Is there a way to get both values by a one-liner like this?

size, sum = a.some_method(&:size, &:sum)
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There is no method sum defined on an array. –  sawa Jun 26 at 12:57
@sawa Ruby on Rails provides this function on Enumerable. Also, the OP might defined it. No reason for a downvote. –  Sven Koschnicke Jun 26 at 13:00
@SvenKoschnicke And, where did the OP mention Ruby on Rails or their own method? –  sawa Jun 26 at 13:00
@sawa he/she didn't, but I don't think that it matters for the question. –  Sven Koschnicke Jun 26 at 13:02
@Tetsu could you make more clear what your intention with calling two methods in one line is? As you see, there is speculation in the answers if you just want make the code shorter or if you want to avoid walking the array multiple times. –  Sven Koschnicke Jun 27 at 9:20

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In Ruby, you can do multiple assignments in one line:

size, sum = a.size, a.sum

It doesn't make it more readable, though.

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You could do this:

a = [1,2,3,4]
methods = [:size, :max, :min, :first, :last]

methods.map { |m| a.send m }
  #=> [4, 4, 1, 1, 4]
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Another possible solution:

size, sum = a.size, a.reduce { |a,b| a = a + b }
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reduce (or inject) is the general form of sum. Why use the former when the latter makes directly clear what it does? –  Sven Koschnicke Jun 26 at 12:57
@SvenKoschnicke I think sum only works in rails. Not in ruby. –  John C Jun 26 at 13:00
It works if it is defined :) but I see your point. –  Sven Koschnicke Jun 26 at 13:01

Previous answers are correct, but if OP was actually concerned about walking the array multiple times, then array.size does not walk the array, it merely returns the length, thus there is no saving from a oneliner in that regard.

On the other hand, if size was just an example and the question is more about making multiple operations on an array in one go, then try something like this:

arr = [1,2,3,4,5,6]

product,sum = arr.inject([1,0]){|sums,el| [sums[0]*el, sums[1]+el]}
# => [720, 21]

That is, inject the array with multiple initial values for the results and then calculate new value for every element.

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