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Spring 3 pet clinic example uses ${owner.new}, in the JSTL EL where can I find out more about where the .new comes from and what spec it is a part of? Ive seen empty and not empty operators/ reserved words but not .new until now in the Spring 3 pet clinic example.hers is the line im questioning:

<h2><c:if test="${owner.new}">New </c:if>Owner:</h2>

located in the ownerForm.jsp file in the spring 3 pet clinic sample application.

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Thanks Albert...Even i had the same doubt –  javanoob Sep 27 '10 at 6:40

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In the expression ${owner.new}, the dot operator is used to access a property named new of the object referenced by the owner identifier. The EL accesses object properties using the Java beans conventions, so a getter for this property (typically a method named getXxx() or... isXxx() for a boolean) must be defined in order for this expression to evaluate correctly.

And if you look at org.springframework.samples.petclinic.Entity (a simple JavaBean superclass used for all persistable objects), guess what, you'll see:

public boolean isNew() { return (this.id == null); }
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