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$('#sidebar ul li ul li').click(function () {
        var ids = $(this).attr('id');
        $('#ids').parent('ul').parent('li').addClass('has-sub active');
        alert(ids); // Will alert the id if the element has one    

I didn't understand why this is not working. alert gives me the id of the li element but the 2 lines before it don't work I mean these 2:

$('#ids').parent('ul').parent('li').addClass('has-sub active');

Where is the problem? Am I missing something?

enter image description here

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'#ids' is literally the string #ids. It has no relation to your variable. Why are you trying to construct a selector out of the id attribute of an element? Wouldn't that selector match the this element once again? Or are you storing something you shouldn't be in the id attribute? – Blender Jun 26 '14 at 13:16

You need to concatenate your variable like:

$('#' + ids).

$('#ids') is looking for an element with the ID of ids. And as Blender noted in the comments, why are you doing it this way? The element you're clicking on could be referred to as simply $(this) or this. To me it might make more sense to do:

$('#sidebar ul li ul li').click(function () {
    $(this).addClass('active').parent('ul').parent('li').addClass('has-sub active');

And you might also be able to replace .parent('ul').parent('li') with .closest('li'), but I'd need to see the HTML structure to be sure.

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thank you but I tried this and didnt work – nalpara Jun 26 '14 at 14:28
What about it doesn't work? Are you getting any errors in the console? Can you create a example? – j08691 Jun 26 '14 at 14:40
ok I updated the question when I clicked grids for example the menu is closing. it shouldn't be closed. when I wrote its id manually into javascript code it stays opened. – nalpara Jun 26 '14 at 14:44
Sorry but the picture isn't going to help, you'll need to post a complete code example. And as I mentioned before, a jsFiddle should be helpful. – j08691 Jun 26 '14 at 14:47

You are taking the id of the current element to concatenate together a selector. Instead, you can use the this keyword within the handler and use it as a reference to the clicked element. Try this:

$('#sidebar ul li ul li').click(function () {
    $(this).addClass('active').closest('li').addClass('has-sub active');  
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thank you but I tried this and didnt work – nalpara Jun 26 '14 at 14:29
Can you please explain why it doesn't work. Errors? Unexpected behaviour? There is no reason this should not work, given the info in your OP. – Rory McCrossan Jun 26 '14 at 14:30
I dont know the reason because there is no error when I write it by giving its name manually like this $('#general').addClass('active'); //$('#general').parent('ul').parent('li').addClass('has-sub active'); it is ok but when I get the id it doesnt work – nalpara Jun 26 '14 at 14:34

ids is a variable which holds the id of clicked element. and in your code:

$('#ids').parent('ul').parent('li').addClass('has-sub active');

You use ids as a string. This is not correct way. You should replace $('#ids') with $('#' + ids).

Try this:

$('#' + ids).addClass('active');
$('#' + ids).parent('ul').parent('li').addClass('has-sub active');
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@AshleyMedway: Please see updated answer:) – Ishan Jain Jun 26 '14 at 13:28
thank you but I tried also this and didnt work – nalpara Jun 26 '14 at 14:29

Did you mean to apply the new classes to the ids in the variable ids? If so you are currently applying those to elements that have the id of 'ids'. You should use the following selector: $('#'+ids).

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@IshanJain @RoryMcCrossan @j08691 @EliantenHolder thank you for your response. Jquery doesnt help to solve this problem but this helper worked.

public static class HtmlHelperExtensions

    public static string ActivePage(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper,string controller, string action)
        string _classValue="";

        string _currentController = htmlHelper.ViewContext.Controller.ValueProvider.GetValue("controller").RawValue.ToString();

        string _currentAction = htmlHelper.ViewContext.Controller.ValueProvider.GetValue("action").RawValue.ToString();

        if (_currentController == controller && _currentAction == action)
            _classValue = "active";
        else if (_currentController == controller && action.Equals(""))
            _classValue = "has-sub active";
            if (action.Equals(""))
                _classValue = "has-sub";

        return _classValue;

and this is from my layout page

<li class="@Html.ActivePage("Order","")">
              <a href="javascript:;" class="">
                  <span class="icon-box"> <i class="icon-dashboard"></i></span> Sipariş Açma

                  <span class="arrow"></span>
              <ul class="sub">
                  <li class="@Html.ActivePage("Order","Index")"><a class="" href="@Url.Action("Index","Order")">Sipariş</a></li>
                  <li class="@Html.ActivePage("Order","orderProduct")"><a class="" href="@Url.Action("orderProduct","Order")">Ürün Sipariş</a></li>
                  <li class="@Html.ActivePage("Order","orderCloth")"><a class="" href="@Url.Action("orderCloth","Order")">Kumaş Sipariş</a></li>
                  <li class="@Html.ActivePage("Order","orderAccessory")"><a class="" href="@Url.Action("orderAccessory","Order")">Aksesuar Sipariş</a></li>
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