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You advertise watermarks as being available on your Pro version, when I go through the process to render raster tiles, I don't see this option. Where is the watermark option please? Thanks Carl

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Custom watermarks can be added via "-watermark" argument when MapTiler Pro is called on the command-line.

It is documented in the manual (0.5) on page 8, with an example of use:

maptiler -o tiles -watermark watermark_image.png map.tif

We plan to add it into GUI as well - under Advanced options dialog - in a future version of MapTiler (probably version 0.6+). The new versions of MapTiler Pro are provided for free for one year after the purchase.

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Thanks, I have no manual so this explains it (will request one), cheers – Pindar Jun 30 '14 at 10:23

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