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i need to insert values into a table of XMLTpe with select statement.
for example :
i have simple xsd schema and i can register it like this :

    schemaurl => 'emp.xsd',
    schemadoc => '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
                        <xs:element name="Employee">
                                    <xs:element name="EmployeeId" type="xs:positiveInteger"/>
                                    <xs:element name="PhoneNumber" maxOccurs="10">
                                                <xs:element name="PhoneType" type="xs:string"/>
                                            <xs:attribute name="No" type="xs:integer"/>
    local => false,
    genTables => true,
    gentypes => true);

after this registration i have a table of XMLType "Employee744_TAB" (because of genTables is set true)
and i can simply insert a single value like this :

insert into "Employee744_TAB" 
values( xmltype( '<Employee>
                    <PhoneNumber No="1234">
                    <PhoneNumber No="5678">

What i want is suppose you have a table :

create table emp 
emp_id number,
phone_number number,
phone_type varchar2(5)
insert into emp values (101, 1111, 'Home');
insert into emp values (102, 2222, 'Home');
insert into emp values (103, 3333, 'Work');

how can i insert these values with select statement ?
something like this logic : insert into "Employee744_TAB" select * from emp;

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