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I have the SASS gem installed on my system (v3.3.8), but I have a project that requires v3.2.19). I also have a situation where there is a conflict on the system with v3.2.19 exsiting (Codekit won't compile SASS if any older versions of a gem are installed).

I used Bundler to install a copy of the required gems in a folder local to my project:


How can I force my project to use the ruby gems in the local folder for my grunt tasks, instead of those installed globally on my system?

# A sample Gemfile
source ""    

gem 'autoprefixer-rails', ">="
gem 'breakpoint', ">=2.0.7"
gem 'compass', ">=0.12.6"
gem 'sass', ">=3.2.19"
gem 'singularitygs', ">=1.1.2"
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Run bundle install in your project directory (where the Gemfile is located) to install the gems and launch executables with bundle exec ..., e.g. bundle exec compass compile – Stefan Jun 26 '14 at 15:21
I already ran bundle install --path vendor/bundle. I'm trying to use :path => to point to these files instead of system files, but regardless of where I look in the vendor/bundle folder I keep getting an error message: Could not find gem 'compass (>= 0.12.6) ruby' in source at vendor/bundle/ruby/2.0.0/cache. Source does not contain any versions of 'compass (>= 0.12.6) ruby'. – Phil Sinatra Jun 26 '14 at 15:38

bundle exec was the correct command.

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