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I am new to creating work item types in TFS and want to create a new Work Item type.

I looked at work item template option, but that is not sufficient for me. I need to add few new fields and have a customized form.

From search I got information about Work Item Type definition but I am looking for some detailed example.

Also I would like to know the permissions needed to add a new work item type.

I got administrator privileges for my project, but not on TFS as a whole.

With that can I add a new template for my project.

Please provide me direction.

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Firstly, to create a new work item type you have to change the process template that the project is using. This is not easy and there are basically two options as outlined in this MSDN article.

Quoting from that article:

account must be a member of the Team Foundation Administrators group or have the Create new projects permission set to Allow. Additionally, your user account must be a member of the Windows SharePoint Services Administrator role and a member of the SQL Server Reporting Services Content Manager role. So quite a few permissions are required.

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