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I had a SharePoint 2013 (FBA enabled) web application with outgoing email rightly configured on it.The email notifications were being sent as required. Then i extended the same web application to add new host header (new url) using SharePoint Central Administration. As soon as i did it, the outgoing email from the web application are now stopped (even when i run web app using old url). I checked Uls logs it states:

"#160005: Bad response from SMTP host'smtp.gmail.com': 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. a66sm10204334yhe.56 - gsmtp "

SMTP server is rightly configured i think as emails were being delivered using the same smtp settings. Any ideas about what might have caused this?.. i have been trying to fix it since 2 days but issue is still intact.

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