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Is it possible to pass an object in a function such as findBy function to retrieve data?

Note: ** The $resto object does not have the **id attribute filled in. Thus doctrine has to find the closest matching entry.

For example:

       $resto = new Restaurant();

       $repository = $this->getDoctrine()->getRepository('LesDataBundle:Restaurants');
       $result =  $repository->findBy($resto);
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Define 'closest matching entry' please. Also, you cannot retrieve your $resto from the database unless you $this->getDoctrine()->getManager()->persist($resto) and $this->getDoctrine()->getManager()->flush() it first. –  reafle Jun 26 at 18:42

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No, but you can use custom expression

    'some_field' => $resto->getSomeField(),
    'other_field' => $resto->getOtherField()
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