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I am trying to get date in January 23,2014 format, I tried below code

DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat(""EEE, d MMM yyyy");
        String date = df.format(Calendar.getInstance().getTime());

but it's returning month name only in 3 letters as for january it's retuning JAN and for wednesday it's returning WED. can anybody tell me that how can I get full month and day name? thanks in advance.

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i have the same problem in my projects if you want to get the full name you and use a switch- case or if else statement and check the conditions and get the full name

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"EEEE" gives full name of day.And "MMMM" full name of month.

so use

   DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat(""EEEE, d MMMM yyyy");
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