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What is exactly the difference between the "old" Managed C++ and the "new" C++/CLI?

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Managed C++ is the version in VS2002 and VS2003. It had race conditions and other serious bugs, as well as being confusing. It's no longer supported.

In VS2005, Microsoft introduced C++/CLI, which has also been accepted as an ISO standard. It's also supported in VS2008 and the upcoming VS2010.

Both of them had the same goal, which is to create .NET assemblies using the C++ language. The syntax is different (C++/CLI managed code is a lot easier to differentiate from standard C++ at a glance) and C++/CLI also has syntax for .NET 2.0 features such as generics.

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For completeness, we should say that the old language was properly called "Managed Extensions for C++". – Kerrek SB Jul 5 '11 at 18:09 gives a rough overview of the syntax changes.

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