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I have been trying to follow the steps in the book Ruby Practical Project - making music with ruby and was trying to get CoreMIDI and output some notes using SimpleSynth. I can connect to the destination but when i do something like
midi = midi.note_on(0, 60, 100) I get no output from the sound system. Has anyone tried the code and faced similar situation?? And also What are the better libraries for music programming in Ruby?

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Sadly I am in the same situation. No breakthroughs yet. Any luck on your end?


OK apparently CoreMIDI's method mIDIPacketListAdd changed from Leopard to Snow Leopard.

See change here:

Note these guys are using FFI instead of the dl stuff.

Here's my working version of the code from the book:

Note the nasty conditionals for mIDIPacketListAdd for SnowLeopard.

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