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I want to grep a certain amount of string from a TCL variable and use that in my tool command. Example:

${tcl_Var} - this contains string like VEG_0_1/ABC

I want to grep from above string until it the point it hits first forward slash, so in the above case it would be VEG_0_1. And then replace it in my command. Example:


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Don't think in terms of grep, think about "string manipulation" instead.

Use regsub for "search and replace:

% set tcl_Var VEG_0_1/ABC
% set newvar [regsub {/.+} $tcl_Var {/REST_OF_THE_COMMAND}]

Alternately, your problem can be solved by splitting the string on /, taking the first component, then appending the "rest of the command":

% set newvar "[lindex [split $tcl_Var /] 0]/REST_OF_THE_COMMAND"

Or using string indices:

% set newvar "[string range $tcl_Var 0 [string first / $tcl_Var]]REST_OF_THE_COMMAND"
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You Sir ! A life Saver. The solution works like a charm. –  user2643912 Jun 26 at 19:53
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You can do this with regular expressions using the regsub TCL command. There is no need to run the external program grep. See more info here: http://www.tcl.tk/man/tcl8.4/TclCmd/regsub.htm

If you are new to regular expressions, read TCL-specific tutorial about them.

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set tcl_Var VEG_0_1/ABC  
set varlist [split $tcl_Var "/"]  
set newvar [lindex $varlist 0]/REST_OF_THE_COMMAND  
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