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Both pos1 and pos2 are javascript numbers, yet when I subtract one from the other, I get NaN.


var str = "2014/6/3 ";
var y = str.substr(2,2);
var pos1 = str.indexOf("/");
var pos2 = str.indexOf("/", pos1+1);
pos2 = ((pos2-pos1)==2 ? 1 : 2 );
var m = str.substr(pos1+1, pos2);
var d = str.substr(pos2+1);
var i = (m.length < 2 ? str("0") + m : m) + "/" + (d.length = 2 || "0" + d) + "/" + y + "*";
alert(pos1 + "|" + pos2 + "|" + m + "|" + pos2);
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So debug your code by logging your values. Sometimes you just need to get your hands a little dirty. –  cookie monster Jun 26 at 19:37
What is your question? –  admdrew Jun 26 at 19:38
@cookiemonster I did. pos1 is 4, pos2 is 6. –  ism Jun 26 at 19:38
@admdrew why do I get a NaN when I subtract pos1 from pos2? –  ism Jun 26 at 19:39
Read about operator precedence and associativity. Debugging would involve doing things like console.log(pos2-pos1); and seeing that it works, then trying console.log("|" + pos2-pos1); and seeing that it doesn't, and then deducing the likely problem from that. –  cookie monster Jun 26 at 19:39
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The problem lies in the JavaScript rules for order of evaluation. Your alert expression is evaluated as if it were written like this:

alert((((((((pos1 + "|") + pos2) + "|") + m) + "|") + pos2) - pos1));

Thus "pos2" is appended to a string before "pos1" is subtracted. Unlike the addition operator, there are no string semantics for -, so the string ends up as a NaN.

Write that line like this:

alert(pos1 + "|" + pos2 + "|" + m + "|" + (pos2-pos1));

By parenthesizing the subtraction operation, you force that result to be computed before the rest of the string is constructed.

Also, your code at one point included a call to a non-existant function "str", and that was causing an error.

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so now that I moved the operation out of alert... still doesn't work. –  ism Jun 26 at 19:41
Here I was, thinking that str("0") is invalid, as str is not a function, but it probably works in old IE. –  adeneo Jun 26 at 19:41
@ism in what way does it not work? What exactly did you do? Did you try simply parenthesizing the subtraction? –  Pointy Jun 26 at 19:42
@Pointy the alert doesn't pop up in the new fiddle –  ism Jun 26 at 19:43
@ism that's because of the error in your code. See this repaired version where I replaced str("0") with just "0". –  Pointy Jun 26 at 19:47
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