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is their any way to make this work, without sacrificing the cdef in cdef caller? (no use of cpdef either)

from array import *
from numpy import *
cdef class Agents:
    cdef public caller(self):
        print "caller"

    cdef called(self):
        print "called"

A = [Agents() for i in range(2)]

def main():
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For Cython A[1] will be a python object. If you want to be able to still use cdef, use automatic cast in your caller :

cdef public caller(self):
    cdef Agents agent
    print "caller"
    agent = A[1]

You can check with the -a mode in cython to know if you are using Python or C for each lines code. (cython -a yourfile.pyx -> will generate a yourfile.html that you can browse & check).

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