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Does ICommand implementation in MVP (Model - View - Presenter) belong in Presenter or its own class?

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You are talking about a custom MVP setup correct? Not some form of framework?

My feeling is that any commands should be in their own class.

My reasoning for this comes from an experience I had where we built a win forms app using the MVP pattern. In this project we built a simple app and later needed to develop another application that contained almost all of the same functionality, plus more. So we re-used the model for the simpler app but did not re-use any of the presenters or views.

Commands being in their own class means that you can do something like the above and keep using the icommand implementations relatively easily.

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Sorry, just realised this was for WPF and the commands I am talking about are probably not what you are talking about. I am thinking of a command pattern sending commands from the interface to the model. Custom command implementation that is, I have no real experience with WPF yet so no idea if the two ideas match. –  Glenn Mar 15 '10 at 5:03
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