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I am using mysql-proxy, trying to access and print out the column names in a result being returned to me by the mysql backend server. Here is the portion of my lua script that reads the result returned by the server

function read_query_result(result_packet)
if result_packet.id == 2 then

    print("printing fields")
    for field in result_packet.resultset.fields do

    proxy.response.type = proxy.MYSQLD_PACKET_OK
    return proxy.PROXY_SEND_RESULT

I enter a simple explain select query, like


which should return a single row in the result set. Yet when I look at the output for mysql-proxy, there is nothing printed out, except for

printing fields

Can someone explain why my fields dictionary is empty? The documentation at


says that this is a dictionary with a key "type" and a value "name", but nothing it printed out when I try to run print(field["type"])

Finally, from looking at the mysql output of the explain query I know one of the columns is labelled "id", but when I try this


still nothing is printed out.

It's unbelievable how poorly documented this software is, seeing as it's been around since 2007 and actually solves an important problem. Can anyone point me to a solution?

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