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I love data visualisation and to spread that love I thought we could share our favourite examples of data visualisation:

Chess moves

Chris Harrison's Visualisations

I especially like the bible and Wikipedia visualisations.

If you're interested in creating your own visualisations a good place to start would be to check out processing.js (

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Information Aesthetics's feed is on my home page and has been the source of many interesting visualizations since I've placed it there.

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glTail.rb - real time log info, Linux only.

alt text

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This is a recent favorite The Ebb and Flow of Movies: Box Office Receipts 1986 — 2008.

Blew my mind is college Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, 1812.

And always check out Tufte.

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I always found Gource to be pretty interesting; check out some of the samples. Histories of git projects.

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Related thread here. – hhh Jul 18 '12 at 19:04

I find codeswarm really amazing. Check out the video of eclipse.

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I just came across the JavaScript lib called Raphael, haven't tried it but the demos impressed me:

-- pete

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I'm surprised no one has suggested d3 yet. Check out the website, its awesome:

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For a large collection of manually selected information visualizations, please see -- some of the online collections that I drew from no longer exist!

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A friend of mine did this and got it exposed at MOMA in NY

It represents the trafic in lisbon over time, it was done with processing and there is no map behind it, just the coordinates of cars with public gps moving around

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