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Here is my scenario:

I'm working on a project with the following directories/modules:

   |-- src
       |-- Foo
           |-- FooModule1.hs
           |-- FooModule2.hs
       |-- Bar
           |-- BarModule1.hs

BarModule1.hs looks like this:

module BarModule1 where

import Foo.FooModule1

I also have a .cabal file specifying src as the hs-source-dirs and of course both modules are listed in it.

When I am in the file BarModule1.hs in Emacs and I do C-c C-l it says:

    Could not find module `Foo.FooModule1'
    Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.
Failed, modules loaded: none.

Also I want to use hlint with flymake-haskell-multi-load and if I activate that mode with M-x flymake-haskell-multi-load, hlint will always show the error that it can't find module Foo.FooModule1, because it is not aware of the .cabal file, in which I specify that hs-source-dirs: src.

So my question is: How can I make haskell-mode and flymake/hlint be aware of my project directory/module tree, so that it finds all modules?

Alternatively, how can I make them aware of the modules specified in my .cabal file?

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If you are using a cabal file, then why not use cabal itself? First make sure your current buffer is a file in the same folder as your .cabal file, then C-u M-x compile RET cabal repl RET –  user2407038 Jun 26 at 23:38
What version of haskell-mode are you using? The latest and greatest is very cabal aware. Same for ghc-mode IIRC –  jozefg Jun 27 at 2:09
C-u M-x compile RET cabal repl RET works for the repl but does not fix the flymake/hlint issue I am using haskell-mode 13.7 –  Stephen Jun 27 at 5:45

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At the prompt in ghci: :set -iproj/src/

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This fixes the C-c C-l problem, thanks. But still, flymake with hlint will not be affected by it, and still marks the first import line with "Could not find Module" –  Stephen Jun 27 at 5:41

As for haskell-mode set haskell-process-type to cabal-repl in your emacs init file and make sure to use interactive-haskell-mode (not inf-haskell-mode):

(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook 'interactive-haskell-mode)
(setq haskell-process-type 'cabal-repl)
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