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I am writing an application to help me manage my Evernote notes and tags.

I have elected to use SBApplication script bridge to give me access to the Evernote application interface on the local computer so that i can edit into my Evernote data.

I know there is also the Evernote API, which seems to be an API for access the data on the cloud. I am trying to work locally here and then to sync up to the cloud (i.e. i expect to be using my tool whilst travelling) so this cloud version that operates directly on the data does not seem the right choice.

So i setup the scripting bridge ".h" file for evernote and started using the API it created. For note editing it seems to be running perfectly and I think this will work well, however i am having issues to edit and modify the tags. They seem to not change when i set parameters, and i can find no way to create a new tag.

However, when i look to the applescript capabilities (which i understand script bridge to be based on) it looks like it is perfectly possible to edit and create tags.

Below is the sample code that i have been using for to experiment with this tag editing. In this i search for a tag and then try to modify it with no effect.

There is already a tag called "GOODBYE"

evernote = [SBApplication applicationWithBundleIdentifier:@"com.evernote.Evernote"];

SBElementArray *mytags = [evernote tags];

for (EvernoteTag *thisTag in mytags) {

  if ([[thisTag name] isEqualToString:@"GOODBYE"]) {
    [thisTag setName:@"HELLO"];

Any suggestions on how to create tags would also be greatly appreciated.

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