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This is probably a simple one to answer, but I'm stuck, so here goes.

sed '3d' filename    # (or something like that)

I'm having trouble trying to use a $VARIABLE instead of the number.

Anyone know how to get this to work, or any alternative options?



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Did you mean this:

bash$ VARIABLE=3
bash$ sed "${VARIABLE}d" filename

(I'm not sure if this is correct use of the sed command, I just know that's how you would use a variable next to a letter in bash syntax.)

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$ variable=3
$ awk -vvar="$variable" 'NR!=var' file

using the shell(bash)

while read -r line
  [ "$i" -ne "$variable" ] && echo "$line"
done <"file" > newfile
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+1. alternate variable assignment for awk (POSIX IIRC): awk 'NR!=var' vvar="$variable" file :) –  vladr Mar 15 '10 at 14:32
the only problem with that alternate syntax is that if vvar will not have a value inside BEGIN block. –  ghostdog74 Mar 15 '10 at 14:53

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