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I have a CoreText that works in Objective-C and the migration to Swift is driving me nuts.

This is the (simplified) code:

var ctFramesArray: Array<CTFrame> = CTFrame[]()


The ctFrame is a valid object. I can inspect it with the debugger, println() it, and the project runs fine rendering the CoreText columns properly.

The ctFramesArray reports zero objects after being created and before appending the first ctFrame object.

But I have a run time error (EXEC_BAD_ACCESS) when trying to append the ctFrame to the Array.

It seems that is is an assertion failure, but I can´t figure out what it is


This behaviour is strange

I have the following cases:

    var ctFramesArray: Array<CTFrame> = Array<CTFrame>()

The ctFramesArray.append(ctFrame) line works fine when the ctFramesArray is local (within the function), but if it is a global variable, I get the run time EXEC_BAD_INSTRUCTION error.

I tested this using an array of strings as follows and it works with the array being declared locally or globally. It seems that the issue is related to the CTFrame type (the ctFrame object is valid and the frames are rendered correctly)

    var stringsArray: Array<String> = Array<String>()

Any clue?

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It's probably an issue related to the ARC ref count for the CTFrame. How did you obtain ctFrame? I suspect ctFrame has a shorter lifetime than ctFramesArray and that will cause a crash.

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user3670399. I doubt it is a life-cycle issue with the ctFrame object, given that (i) The ctFrame objects are created within the same function, using: let ctFrame = CTFramesetterCreateFrame(framesetter, CFRangeMake(textPosition, 0), path, nil); (ii) I can println(ctFrame) right before trying to add it to the array. (iii). the array.append(ctFrame) works is the array is declared within the same function (not global). This is really strange – eharo2 Jun 28 '14 at 15:13

I found a fix to the problem

If the global variable ctFramesArray is defined "globally" as an array of CTFrame objects, then we get the run time error. But if the array is defined as an array of AnyObject, as follows, then the issue is fixed:

var ctFramesArray: Array<AnyObject> = Array<AnyObject>()

There seems to be an issue with the AnyObject compatibility in the CTFrame object.

The puzzling part is still the fact that with the array declared locally as Array, the declaration works fine

... e

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