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I use vagrant with VirtualBox to set up a development environment. The goal is to allow developers create their own development environment easily.

Because we want to use NFS, we have to use private network provision.

The Vagrant file specifies a private network ip I know this can be any IP address as long as it does not collide with other device in the same network.

I am not experienced in networking. My question is that if two developers both are trying to 'vagrant up' at the same time in the office, and both run using the given ip address , will it collide ?

The office router IP is ( , instead of, would this make it work ?

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Just to answer my own question after testing it by myself.

I've set up 3 imac running at the same time, no problem, no collision.

This is good, because I can simply take the vagrant file under source control and have it used by every one.

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