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I'm trying to make an irc bot in java that uses the Google api to search for things. I found a tutorial that uses GSON and the program compiles just fine. When I try to actually use the bot I get the error.

My import:


The line that is giving me the error

Gson gson=new GsonBuilder().create(); 

I am using this as a guide

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You probably didn't do step 2 properly.

Include the gson library to your classpath.(Using an IDE you can add the gson.jar to your java project.)

If you are using an IDE, such as Eclipse and this project is a Java project (as opposed to a Maven project) then add the gson.jar to your lib folder.

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ah, I'm doing this manually because I didn't really think it through when I started. This is how I'm including it javac -classpath pircbot.jar;parser-sources.jar;googleapi.jar;C:\DESKTOP\MISC\xunbot\google-gson\‌​*;. *.java – Xun Jun 27 '14 at 2:39
Did it work for you or are you still stuck? – Alexandre Santos Jun 27 '14 at 18:12

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