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Is there a way to use an extra python package index (ala pip --extra-index-url mypackage) with so that running python install can find the packages hosted on

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If you're the package maintainer, and you want to host one or more dependencies for your package somewhere other than PyPi, you can use the dependency_links option of setuptools in your distribution's file. This allows you to provide an explicit location where your package can be located.

For example:

from setuptools import setup

    # ...

If you host your own index server, you'll need to provide links to the pages containing the actual download links for each egg, not the page listing all of the packages (e.g., not

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can you do in a requirements.txt file? – Tommy Feb 5 at 15:22

As far as I know, you cant do that. You need to tell pip this, or by passing a parameter like you mentioned, or by setting this on the user environment.

Check my ~/.pip/pip.conf:

download_cache = ~/.cache/pip
index-url =
timeout = 300

In this case, my local pypiserver also proxies all packages from, so I dont need to add a 2nd entry.

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this answer appears to be wrong. see the last paragraph in the answer here:… – Tommy Feb 5 at 15:40

You can include --extra-index-urls in a requirements.txt file. See:

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