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I need to query a table to get all rows where a date field + any amount of 7 day intervals is today, the date will only be in the past and can be any number of days in the past.

For example if today is 2014-06-27 and we have the table below:

Table A
ID    | Date
1     | 2014-06-13
2     | 2014-06-14
3     | 2014-05-30

The rows 1 and 3 should be returned, but row 2 shouldn't because 2014-06-14 + 2 x 7 day intervals = 2014-06-28 which is after today.

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So, essentially you're just looking for dates that fall on the same day-of-week as Today? –  user2338816 Jun 27 '14 at 10:45

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Try this

  Select * 
    from A
    where datediff(dd,date,getdate())% 7 = 0 
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