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Are there any good PyQt4 custom widgets like at

I would like to start making PyQt custom widgets but online resources that I find don't seem to be clear

For example, Trolltech's and Zetcode's don't seem to be related in any way at all.

Thanks for any input :)

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There should be PyQt examples of all C++ Qt examples in your PyQt4 distribution. I have them here: /usr/share/doc/python-qt4-doc/examples. Theye are quite good for the start. When you understand them, it should also be fairly easy for you to port some C++ examples to PyQt code or turn C++ custom widgets to C++.

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online resources about PyQt aren't really that rampant, so any information/projects would be welcomed. Don't hesitate to post links to your upcoming widgets or anything else.

I would be really glad to work on that with you as i'm learning more about pyqt as well.

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Are you looking for tutorials on making custom PyQt widgets, or looking for a library of them?

I've been developing a library of reusable custom widgets if that's what you're looking for - at somepoint will be getting to the tutorials, but they aren't there yet.

Check out, specifically the ProjexUI framework:

In looking at it, I'll need to get some images up there...but there's a Calendar widget, Gantt Chart, View plugin system, Node view, Chart widgets, along with a number of extensions to the base Qt widget classes.

Also the easiest way to see the majority of the widgets is in the Qt Designer - so if you have it setup to work with PyQt plugins, wherever you install the projexui library you can add the /path/to/projexui/designer/build to your PYQTDESIGNERPATH and it'll load designer with our plugins.

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