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I want to register an interface like: IInterceptingAware, so that for all classes which implement this interface an interceptor class is used.

public class InterceptorClass : IInterceptor
 public void Intercept(IInvocation invocation)
     // Do my work

public class Foo : IInterceptingAware

public class Bar : IInterceptingAware

How do I setup castle windsor for this?

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using (var container = new WindsorContainer())
            .ConfigureFor<IInterceptingAware>(c => c.Interceptors<MyInterceptorClass>())

    var foo = container.Resolve<Foo>();

    var bar = container.Resolve<IBar>();


Keep in mind interceptor requires at least virtual methods on target class, even better your target class should implement an interface in order to have the interceptor working on that contract.

Said so, your Foo class should at least have a method named Test marked as virtual while Bar should implement IBar:

public interface IBar
    void Test();
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