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How to bind a button that open jPlayer in fullscren mode ?

I have a custom user button in my html:

 <a onClick="javascript:$('#top_video_player').jPlayer('fullScreen');event.preventDefault();" class="button" href="#">Open in big Screen</a>

But this don't work.

I also try:




also try to add class .jp-full-screen to my button ( tag ) - no effect too ):

But failed again - nothing happened

In my jPlayer initialization i bind it to "enter" button and it works - but i also need to bind another html button:

keyBindings: {
                play: {
                    key: 32, // space
                    fn: function(f) {
                        if(f.status.paused) {
                        } else {
                fullScreen: {
                    key: 13, // enter
                    fn: function(f) {
                        if(f.status.video || f.options.audioFullScreen) {
                            f._setOption("fullScreen", !f.options.fullScreen);

Thanks in advance.

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I have managed to do it by using:

$('#top_video').data('jPlayer')._setOption('fullScreen', true);

where 'top_video' - jplayer div id

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