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I have got an interesting behavior while reading folder and file in folder creation times. Could someone explain this?

Creating folder


Running sub-process in this folder and create result file there

err_code = common.run_proc(common.get_root_dir() + test_name, custom_path_str=version_dir+test_name)

Then there is another script where I read creation time of folder and result file using os.get.getmtime and apparently creation (as I understood from docs this is modification time) time of the file within folder is 1403197510.1 and for folder itself is 1403197510.19.
So basicly I have created file in not existing folder. How does this really work or why do I have such a strange output?

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If getmtime is modification time then it is obviously not creation time. What is your question here? –  Lasse V. Karlsen Jun 27 at 10:14
Yes, I have found that there is also os.get.getctime() function that returns creation time. But what I wanted to know is what @Shadow9043 is talking about. –  arbulgazar Jun 27 at 11:11

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What I believe you are seeing is the fact that Windows will modify the folders to represent the files within.

So this happens:

  • os.makedirs() creates folder, gives you time of modification (with os.path.getmtime). e.g. 1403197510.0
  • Write file to folder, gives you time of modification (with os.path.getmtime). e.g. 1403197510.1
  • Windows updates Folder, gives you modification time (with os.path.getmtime). e.g. 1403197510.19
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