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I am new in fabric. I am trying to pass two command after the function of fabfile.py I am trying like that

fab fabfile.py taskA /idep/etl/config.xml , lbs

Here taskA is a function.

But it is not working. It throws error like "No such file or directory: 'taskA'". How can I pass the arguments? Actually I'm trying to forwarding port to remote machine.

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This is documented here. After you setup the task to take arguments, you would then do something akin to this:

fab taskA:'/idep/etl/config.xml,lbs'

note: if you are using a fabfile named fabfile.py the fab command assumes this, and does not need the extra specification (which you also did w/o using the -f flag)

also note: you can specify hosts to act on, via the cli, with the -H --hosts flags

To get a better handle on these sorts of things you really should go through the tutorial.

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