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I'm a beginner student working on a project for AX2012. I have an external PDF file to print . For this,I am looking for a solution to upload, display and then print the PDF from an external file when I click a button.

I have test this job

static void AALpdfprint(Args _args)
    PrintJobSettings    printJobSettings = new PrintJobSettings();
    Dialog              dialog = new Dialog();
    DialogField         dialogFileName;
    str                 adobeExe;
    str                 adobeParm;

    dialogFileName = dialog.addField(extendedTypeStr(Filenameopen), "immatriculation");

    if (dialog.run())
        adobeExe = WinAPI::findExecutable(dialogFileName.value());

        adobeParm = strFmt(' /t "%1" "%2" "%3" "%4"',

        winAPI::shellExecute(adobeExe,  adobeParm);

Here i can upload the file correctly, but i want display it before printing.

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Have you tried other command line options to Acrobat reader?

What applies to other languages applies to X++ as well.

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