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I want to find which network interface client connected on. Is it possible?

If it is possible with Bash or another scripting language. It is acceptable for me.

I am working on Freebsd.

Here is how code should look like.

function get_connected_interface(){
echo get_connected_interface(); //should print network interface. for example em0
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If you are using Apache, PHP is setting $_SERVER["SERVER_ADDR"] to be the destination ip address where the client connected to te server.

If you are using nginx, lighttpd or other webserver, look at the result of a page with only <?php phpinfo(); ?> to know how to get the ip address of the destination (one of the ip addresses of your server)

In any case, you could use this PHP script to launch ifconfig and search for the interface having this ip address.

I'd say that :

function get_connected_interface() {
  static $interfaces=array();
  if (!count($interfaces)) {
    // launch ifconfig and parse its result (inet/inet6)
    // but only at first function call
    foreach($out as $line) {
      if (preg_match("#^([a-z0-9\.]*): #",$line,$mat)) {
      if (preg_match("#inet ([0-9\.]*) #",$line,$mat)) {
      if (preg_match("#inet6 ([0-9a-fA-F:]*) #",$line,$mat)) {
  return $interfaces[$_SERVER["SERVER_ADDR"]];
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