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I have data values in DD-MMM-YYYY format, e.g. 18-Jun-2014. I have written a query to fetch all the records logged on the particular day. In date format available in database for the table which stores the above date in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM. So I want to form a query on below scenario.

If I give date alone the query need to check the given date from DD-MM-YYYY 00:00 to DD-MM-YYYY 23:59.


from 18-Jun-2014 00:00 to 18-Jun-2014 23:59

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Why are you doing all this messy and error-prone string parsing and all? Just use the most appropriate DATE datatype and all your troubles go away! –  marc_s Jun 27 at 11:04
And format the results in the client application. –  Andriy M Jun 27 at 11:05
@marc_s I want a SQL query to convert the date from date time where time is 00:00 to 23:59 .please help me on this.As of now I wont change the DB details .So I thought to change in query –  user3669712 Jun 27 at 11:24
Just use SELECT(YourColumnName AS DATE) and that's it! –  marc_s Jun 27 at 13:41

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