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I just started playing with #define option, so i defined some variables in a global.h file.

#define GOLFER_DATA_NAME  @"name"
#define GOLFER_DATA_UNION  @"union"
#define GOLFER_DATA_GENDER  @"gender"
#define GOLFER_DATA_JUNIOR  @"junior"
#define GOLFER_DATA_MEMNO  @"memno"
#define GOLFER_DATA_SEARCHMODE  @"SearchMode"
#define GOLFER_DATA_EMAIL  @"E-mail"

But i cant access GOLFER_DATA_NAME or GOLFER_DATA_UNION anywhere in my code. I'm sure that i miss something but what? any help is much appreciated.

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Did you #import "global.h"? –  trojanfoe Jun 27 at 11:18
Yes worked, but it didn't auto recognise my global.h file? But i worked after compiling it –  user2408952 Jun 27 at 11:19
@user2408952 You can't? Why not, what error are you getting? Post the whole file and all relevant error messages! –  JustSid Jun 27 at 11:21
If you don't import it in some way into the current compilation unit, how is the compiler supposed to know about anything in the file? Note that you might have imported it in your precompiled header, or indirectly through another header that you pulled it, hard to tell with the information you provided. But your other project did pull in the header for you to be able to have used it. –  JustSid Jun 27 at 11:25
@nhgrif Great... Have fun explaining your comment now... –  JustSid Jun 27 at 11:41

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If you're importing a file in your pre-compiled header file (.pch), you shouldn't need to re-import it in any other file in that project (though it doesn't hurt, and may help future readability).

Presuming Xcode, sometimes when you create a new file in your project, it may not quite sync up with the rest of the project immediately. To fix this, you can try saving the file (Cmd+S), cleaning the project (Cmd+Shift+K), or building the project (Cmd+B). After this, the imports should be working fine.

This is similar to when you've created a new file and can't import it into another or can't link to it from interface builder. Usually just a quick Cmd+S save fixes the problem for me.

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