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I downloaded the Eclipse Luna version of PDT today and switched to the dark theme. All my PHP files are now displayed with very clear syntax highlighting in the dark theme.

However, when I load my javascript files, it's impossible to see the text in the file as it's dark black on lighter black (see image). This happens only for the JS files as all of the CSS and HTML files in the project inherit the dark theme very nicely.

Dark theme with JS

I've restarted Eclipse applying the theme and the issue still remains. Any idea how I can get my JS file to work with this new version?

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I suggest install eclipse color themes plugin: http://eclipsecolorthemes.org/

This plugin provide dark editor support for most popular eclipse plugins (css, js, xml)

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Thank you for this, I've never seen this plugin before. Tried it out and works really well. –  JohnP Jun 29 at 6:52

Take a look at:


and import the epf file.
This should solve your issue and similar ones, until a stylesheet for dark theme settings for syntax will be added to all Eclipse plugins packages.

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