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I'm wondering why opacity animations only work with Firefox, and not with chrome or internet explorer.

For example,


fades the element in with firefox, but just makes it appear with Chrome or IE. All I want is for the element to fade in.

How can I get this to work with IE and chrome?

Edit: Same thing if I use fadeIn() or any other similar function, like show()

Edit: I ended up fixing the issue. I will post back later with details; it had to do with nested elements. Just wanted to post this edit so no one wastes their time trying to answser :)

Thanks to all that answered!

Edit: Turns out the problem was that #a (which is an <a href.../>) has a div within it - inside the div is the image and text I wanted to fade. Instead of fading #a, I did:


(which worked perfectly).

Anyways thanks again for the answers; I've selected the one that was most helpful as accepted.

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A value of 1 to opacity property should make the element appear and not fade out. Are you sure this is how it works in FF? –  rahul Mar 15 '10 at 5:41
Can you post a bigger snippet of code? It's hard to tell what the problem is from just the one line. –  Raul Agrait Mar 15 '10 at 6:14

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Check this quick demo of .fadeIn and .fadeTo, and verify it in your browsers:

What kind of element are you fading? Also, are you using $(document).ready() correctly?

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There should be something wrong in your code. The fadeIn and fadeOut work in all browsers. JQuery team has really worked hart to do all that stuff :)

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The fading functions of jQuery should work in all current browsers. In IE, they look ugly because of crappy anti-aliasing but they work.

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