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I want to put the first n entries from my twitter feed on my blog with the usual enhancements:

  • Convert URLs to real links
  • Remove @ replies

I realize this wouldn't be too difficult to code from scratch with $.getJSON, but since this sort of thing is so common, I was wondering if there was a neat plugin that would handle everything for me.

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There is also jQuery Tweet Rotator. It's not free, but only $5.

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I ended up using Tweet, with a few small modifications.

In particular, I added an option to filter @ replies and implemented it like this:

  // in the $.each loop over the JSON results
  if (s.ignore_at_replies === true && item.in_reply_to_user_id !== null) {
    return true;

Reference: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/619773/filter-out-replies-in-a-twitter-feed

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You should check out jQuery plugin for Twitter.

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