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MyModule.CompositeView = Marionette.CompositeView.extend({
    tagName: "div",
    className: 'Liste',
    id: idView,
    itemView: MonModule.itemView,
    itemViewContainer: "ul",
    title: 'my title',
    template: _.template('<%= header() %><ul></ul>'),
    templateHelpers: {

        header: function() {
            var entete = _.template(collectionHeader, {nom: title});
            return entete;



I don't manage to get 'title' in templateHelpers/header from the composite view definition. The 'this' only gives me access to the templateHelpers itself while with an itemView i can access to the items.

Is possible to get this data in templateHelper or do I give up them in this case ?


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You should probably be using a Marionette Layout instead of CompositeView –  Robert Levy Jun 28 at 14:18

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Sure. You can get access to this by assigning a function to templatesHelpers, rather than an object.


templateHelpers: function() {
  var that = this;

  return {
    header: function() {
      // code goes here
      // that refers to the view object
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if you don't like the closure, you can reach the same result by using _.bind –  Ramon Caldeira Jun 30 at 1:03

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