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I am using this text editor for my windows forms application

This works great and is a wonderful control, however I am trying to accomplish one task: I wanted to insert a custom tag to the underlying html for eg if user clicks on a button on form I want to insert a tag <myTag>value</myTag>" at the cursor's position of text editor.

Can anyone guide me how to achieve this?

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This article was published in 2006; appears the author last responded to a question in 2007: you might want to search CodeProject for later articles on using a WebBrowser Control as an editor. –  BillW Mar 15 '10 at 8:09

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Guys, Thanks for responses, following code solves the issue

        IHTMLTxtRange range = doc.selection.createRange() as IHTMLTxtRange;
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get column and rows of cursor and put your HTML tag there. example if my cursor is blinking some where on the page try to get its X and Y (Rows and Columns).

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