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In my project there're two different persistence.xml appearing in two different jar files after building. If I run application using command like this

/jre/v1.7.0_21/bin/java -cp patch:/path_to_app_jars/*:. org.somepath.MainClass

one of them is loaded but if I run it using symlink another one is peaked up

bin/ -> path_to_app_jars
/jre/v1.7.0_21/bin/java -cp patch:/bin/*:. org.somepath.MainClass

And this result is consistent regardless of what else I change. How could that be?

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My guess is that the expanded jars are returned in a different order when using the symlink, and it is loading the persistence.xml from the first jar listed.

As described in the java documentation, the order in which the jar files are returned when using a directory wildcard (*) is unpredictable. In order to always have the same jar loaded first, the solution is to list the jars explicitly in the classpath instead of using a directory wildcard:

The order in which the JAR files in a directory are enumerated in the expanded class path is not specified and may vary from platform to platform and even from moment to moment on the same machine. A well-constructed application should not depend upon any particular order. If a specific order is required then the JAR files can be enumerated explicitly in the class path.

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This must be because of this but it surprises me by the level of consistency it is reproduced – Viktor Stolbin Jun 27 '14 at 17:58

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